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Whether it's the sink in the kitchen, a toilet or the drain of the washing machine - a clogged drain is always annoying. We at ABK Kanalreinigung will help you with this.


If a pipe or sewer is blocked somewhere in your house or on your property, we offer you quick and easy help. We find the constipation and remove both the constipation and its cause.


In case of cracks or breaks forming in a sewer, our competent employees are at your side with advice and action.

The ABKS company offers, among other things, the rehabilitation of pipes and sewers using the inliner method. A hose is pulled through the existing pipes by means of a robot in order to close existing cracks and damage. This hose is then cured and the duct can be used again after a very short time without the pipe having to be exposed first.
Structural and civil engineering work is carried out by our contractual partners or master craftsmen in your region.


We clean your drainage system so that the house and property can be drained safely and easily.

Sewer leak detection

Thanks to many years of experience, our employees are able to quickly and effectively detect leaks in your pipes. Of course, we will be happy to help and advise you to close them.

Leak test of the drainage pipes

In order to check the tightness of a pipe, all openings are closed. Then the pipe is pressurized with water until the specified minimum values are reached. With the help of this standardized test procedure, we can check pipes with little effort.

Locating sewers

By using a modern localization system, we can quickly and safely locate burst pipes or leaks. We can also precisely locate the course of the canal with this method.


Wenn sich Schmutz und fauliges Wasser am Boden der Zisterne sammeln hilft nur noch unsere professionelle Zisternenreinigung. So vermeiden Sie auch, dass die Anschlüsse Ihrer Pumpe immer mehr angegriffen und zerstört werden.


We use a remote-controlled camera to check the condition of your sewer and pipe system. We can then easily check the lines on a monitor. The whole thing takes place without any excavations.


If stubborn deposits have formed in the sewer, we can remove them using one of our special milling tools.


It often happens that canals are damaged by penetrating roots. In such a case you first have to remove the roots with a special milling machine in order to restore the functionality of the sewer afterwards.

Cleaning of the entire drainage pipes in the property

We offer homeowners the cleaning of all drainage pipes on a site and the properties on it as a complete package.

Cleaning of electronic check valves

We take care of the cleaning of your electronic check valves.

Cleaning of lifting systems and waste water pumps

Lifting systems and waste water pumps must be cleaned by a specialist at regular intervals. Our employees will be happy to do this for you.

Ausgebildete Fachkräfte

Trained specialists

Our team consists of trained professionals with years of professional experience and the will to solve any problem!

Vehicles suitable for underground parking spots

In addition to our modern standard vehicle fleet, we also have the necessary equipment for use in underground garages and other hard-to-reach places.

Cleaning of inspection shafts, lifting systems and suction systems

Our activities also include cleaning inspection shafts (on private and commercial properties) as well as lifting systems and various suction systems.